Butler Headliner wins Fender guitar in video contest

Butler sophomore Caleb Roth won a “beautiful” brand new Fender Malibu SCE and then promptly turned around and donated that guitar back to the Fine Arts department.

“Because honestly it wasn’t just me that made this video,” Roth said. “It was all of us, so I really felt it appropriate to give it back to the school so that future combo members can have a rocking guitar!”


Roth and his Headliners showchoir cohorts learned about the “Open Mic Contest” from Headliners Director Valerie Mack and decided to give it a whirl. hosted by the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees, the rules were to make a short video of what made your community college special, and why you love it. Mack encouraged her students to compose the video as a farewell tribute to outgoing Butler President Jackie Vietti.

Roth ultimately submitted a video of the Butler Headliners singing some improvised lyrics to a song written for the Butler Showchoir Showcase summer camp called “Why We Sing.”

“The process of making it was a lot of hard work on everyone’s behalf,” Roth said. “We all learned the lyrics, recorded with at least six cameras and redid takes probably 100 times each. But it all worked out great and we had a lot of fun making it.”

They submitted the video to KACCT and then began the waiting game to see if they’d won.

“Mrs. Mack found out a week or so before she told any of us and she waited until during one of shows to tell us,” Roth said. “We had just finished performing when she announced that we had won.”

Roth, a Conway Springs native, is wrapping up his fourth semester at Butler and said he’s glad he was able to find a way to encapsulate his feelings about the time he’s spent here with his friends. He’s been accepted into the K-State Education Program for next year and plans to be a Secondary Education major for English/Literature.

“I am really glad that I was able to find a way to represent how much this college means to not only me and my friends, but hopefully everyone that attends Butler Community College,” Roth said. “I do hope to keep performing in some way as I go on through life.”


Check out the winning video here:

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