Summer Classes are powerful. Enroll Today.


Taking classes at Butler this summer is smart, simple and incredibly savvy.

And, whether you’re still in high school, already a Butler student or will be home for the summer, enrolling in Butler summer classes provides a powerful way for you to save time and money.

Tailored to 8 weeks, summer courses at Butler can give you a jumpstart on college, fast-track your associate degree or provide classes that transfer to your university at half the cost you’re paying now.

Yep. Half the cost.

Sure…you could pay twice as much for the same class at a four-year university, but at 89 bucks a credit hour, this summer, why not give your pocketbook a break.

Your future will thank you.

How to Find Summer Courses:
Check out the course schedule and click on “summer 2013” to search classes. All the information you need to get started is right here.

To talk to an advisor for more information, call 316-218-6259 or 316-322-3163.

Summer classes begin June 3. Enroll Today.



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