Enroll for 12- and 8-Week Classes

The spring semester is off to a powerful start. There’s still time for you to start achieving your dream.

Did you know Butler offers a variety of offerings for 12-week and second 8-week courses? If you happened to miss the deadline to enroll in a semester-long course or now have an opportunity to return to college, these shorter-term courses offer you the flexibility you need.

How to Find 12/8-Week Courses:
Check out the course schedule and click on “course length” to search classes and then contact your advisor.

Hurry. Twelve-week classes begin Feb. 18 and second 8-week begin March 25. Remember, our Every Day Counts initiative requires you to enroll in class before it meets for the first time. 


One thought on “Enroll for 12- and 8-Week Classes

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