Butler Offers Powerful Choices in Career & Technical Education

Butler’s CTE/Advanced Technology Center Division provides state-of-the-art curriculum for high demand and high wage technical programs. Butler offers a wide variety of options including digital media, engineering & manufacturing, fire science, culinary arts, computer information technology, composites technology, business and more.

Find out how we can outfit you with hands-on experience for a career that suits you.

High School Students: Be sure to ask about the Kansas Career & Technical Education Initiative that is unlocking tuition-free education opportunities for Kansas high school students at Butler by opening doors to industry-recognized credentials and certifications at little-to-no cost. Talk to your high school counselor or call us at 316-733-3254 for more information.

This program will allow students to complete college courses while still in high school and enter the workforce with a certification or continue their education with credits already achieved.

Accelerate your degree with Butler’s Career & Technical Education. Enroll Today, call 316-322-3255.


2 thoughts on “Butler Offers Powerful Choices in Career & Technical Education

  1. Trenton Barnes says:

    I am a junior attending high school at Augusta Senior High. I have taken the ASSET test and I am wondering if I can still enroll for the spring semester and what I need to do. I am interested in the computer programming classes. Thank you.Trenton Barnes

  2. The Butler Post says:

    Trenton, Send us an email at marketing@butlercc.edu and we can try to get you connected to the right people to find out about making your next semester more powerful! Thanks!

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