Delta Dental delivers $20,000 to Butler’s Health Sciences Academy


The Butler Early College Health Sciences Academy at Rose Hill High School is taking a bite out of a big opportunity provided by the Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation in the form of a $20,000 grant to jump start an oral health class as part of the Academy’s curriculum.

The $20,000 will support the program for 3 years by providing $5,000 per year for scholarships, as well as an initial boost of $5,000 at the beginning for “start up” materials, models, tools and equipment.

An Introduction to Oral Health Care will begin in the spring, and be taught each year to ECHSA seniors. It will give them an overview of oral health care and implications for the body systems. 

“Delta Dental Foundation’s support for the Early College Health Science Academy is greatly appreciated!” said Academy director Marcy Aycock. “This partnership will provide great learning opportunities for our students in addition to financial support. We hope this is the first of several partnerships between health care professionals and the ECHSA.”

To learn more about the program, see our website or visit their page on Facebook



One thought on “Delta Dental delivers $20,000 to Butler’s Health Sciences Academy

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