The History of Butler in Andover Part 2: A Welcoming Warehouse

The story of Butler in Andover unfolds through the pages of history like a compelling novel. A tale defined by humble beginnings, uncertain chapters, suspenseful plots and heroic efforts. From a high-school classroom to a brilliant beacon of education to thousands, Butler is grounded in the western Butler County town of Andover, Kansas – and looks forward to its powerful future.   

Most often growth is good, but it’s rarely easy. Butler’s presence in Andover was no exception.

Butler was struggling with space. It had found a slight reprieve with the use of portable space for classrooms, a nowhere close to perfect solution but certainly workable. During this time, advising had outgrown its small one-office hub and turned to a trailer, parked in front of the 9100 building on 21st and Andover Road, to use as Butler’s Andover advising center.

Continue reading:  The History of Butler in Andover Part 2: A Welcoming Warehouse via the Andover American online.


To read Part 1: The History of Butler in Andover Part 1: The Early Years.


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