The History of Butler in Andover Part 1: The Early Years

The story of Butler in Andover unfolds through the pages of history like a compelling novel. A tale defined by humble beginnings, uncertain chapters, suspenseful plots and heroic efforts. From a high-school classroom to a brilliant beacon of education to thousands, Butler is grounded in the western Butler County town of Andover, Kansas – and looks forward to its powerful future.  

Time has a way of making history lose its character. Fact is, we’ll glance over a timeline and never notice the decisions, the angst, the effort and the risks that took place to add just one small point on that line of time.

But hidden in the obscure details of years gone by is where history truly comes alive. For that is where you identify with the shock that came with the four inches of water flooding Butler’s first building in Andover days before it opened. And that’s where you now smile at the once genuine but unwarranted fear that adding day classes in Andover would all but make the El Dorado campus a fleeting memory.

Continue reading: The History of Butler in Andover Part 1: The Early Years via the Andover American online.


Butler’s growth in Andover had now presented it with a more challenging question. Was it time to become a stand-alone campus? With the purchase of 34 acres immediately north of the high school, that answer seemed inevitable. Until a captivating offer came from some place unexpected.

For Part 2: The History of Butler in Andover Part 2: A Welcoming Warehouse.


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