The history is that Dr. Vietti signed an agreement for Butler to become a partner with MATC in the development and implementation of a biotechnology lab technician program. The thrust of the program is a Advanced Biotechnology Certificate that prepares one for entry level position in a biotechnology company lab. We have been working with MATC to begin to offer the program here at BCC. We will be start offering courses this fall. The set up is that MATC will offer on line lectures and BCC will provide a lab course here. We are trying to recruit students into the program for the start in the fall.

I have drafted a letter for potential students who are currently enrolled in biology courses. I have spoken with MATC representative about developing a flyer to include in that mailing. I would like help in developing that flyer and that might advise in the letter accompanying the flyer.
I have attached a file that includes a letter and a description of the program. I can be reached on my cell phone 316-889-5434 most easily and would like to visit with either you or Ryan Entz or both. 

Butler Community College (BCC) has entered a partnership with Manhattan Area Technical College (MATC) in their BIOTEKS (Biotechnology Training in Kansas). We will be offering the Advanced Biotechnology Certificate starting Fall 2012.

Biotechnology represents a rapidly growing field that is creating an increased need for skilled laboratory technicians. The Advanced Technology Certificate prepares a student to develop the skills necessary for an entry-level position in a biotechnology lab with minimum orientation. The program consists of lectures that provide the theoretical background underlying particular lab procedures.  Lectures are presented by MATC in an online format. BCC presents the labs in a real-world setting. The program extends over a three-semester period culminating during the summer session in an internship experience in a biotechnology company.

Some of the exciting employment opportunities for laboratory workers include the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility and support companies, pharmaceutical companies, and various research labs.


Admission requirements consist of the following:

  • An advanced degree: two-year (A. A. or A. A. S.), four-year (B. S.) or M. S.
  • Completion of two of the following college courses: (General Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Biology,  Molecular Genetics, Microbiology, Chemistry I or Chemistry II, General Chemistry)
  • Or permission from the director of the program. 

 For more information, contact



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