Butler Nursing celebrates Spring 2012 completion pinning

Butler Community College submitted 61 new nurses into the field Thursday night as the Spring 2012 class was presented with their pins in the gymnasium at Butler of El Dorado. The graduates have completed the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing and are eligible to take the Registered Nurse licensure test in the state of their choice.

Along with college accreditation, Butler’s nursing program is accredited by the Kansas State Board of Nursing and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Clinical laboratory experiences are provided in health care settings in El Dorado and the Wichita metro area.

The speaker for the ceremony was Patricia Hutchinson, retired Butler dean of nursing, allied health and early childhood education.  


Butler Nursing Graduates – May 2012

Amanda Waller, Class President

Melinda Thompson, Class Vice President

Brad Evans, Class Treasurer

Karri Schenker, BSNA Treasurer

Becky Abraham, Jennifer Albert, Andie Alfers, Willow Barrett, Jamie Beehler, Janel Brake, Shannon Callahan, Christa Caudillo, Elizabeth Charlesworth, Victoria Corpus, Alicia Criger, Kirstin Currie, Kristen Frieze, Emily Graham, Pamela Hamel, Aaron Haywood, Hai Ngoc Ho, CaRessa Hutchinson, Nathan Jacobberger, Sara Johnson, Jana Kirschbaum, Glen Scout Lanier, Cassy Lester, Katherine Luzar, Jennifer Masters, Alyssa Matthews, Samuel Mbatha, Katherine McAuley, Amy McNeal, Andrea McNiel, Annette Mendez, Susan Meyer, Caden Middleton, Abbigail Munn, Melissa Olewnik, Edinah Onchoke, Mohammed Onyancha, Julie Parks, Katie Pena, Doug Penka, Melanie Roberts, Angela Russell, Anne Sauber, Sayavongsa Vichittavong, Lindsay Scott, Kelsey Sharp, Catalina Shope, Amy Sisk, Stefanie Slinkard, Rebecca Spinden, Stardust Taft, Melissa Tauer, Jonny Thiel, Scott Tolle, Jeremiah Unruh, Samantha Weldon, Rebecca Williams, Enedina Willingham, Mandy Wood


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