Butler agriculture students take top prizes at national competition

Team takes five Champion titles at NACTA Competition, as well as being named overall champs among two-year schools.  


Over the course of three days, 35 Butler Community College agriculture students competed in 11 different competitions, each showcasing a different area of agriculture, as part of the NACTA (North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture) 2012 Judging Conference/Contest held in Coffeyville, Kan. this year.

“One of my students referred to NACTA as being like the Olympics of agricultural education, and I’d say it’s a pretty good analogy,” said Elissa Mullinix, lead ag instructor. “In many cases the students were learning new skills to complement their existing knowledge base.”

Of the events Butler competed in, students took home overall championship titles in five areas, including Livestock Judging. They also garnered another three reserve champion titles in three contests. Their overall results were as follows: 

  • Ag Communications-Champion Team
  • Meats Judging-Champion Team
  • Dairy Judging-Champion Team
  • Livestock Management-Champion Team
  • Livestock Judging-Champion Team
  • Ag Computers-Reserve Champion Team
  • Horse Judging-Reserve Champion Team
  • Ag Knowledge Bowl-Reserve Champion Team
  • Ag Business-3rd Place Team
  • Horticulture-4th Place Team

Schools participating in at least seven contests were also eligible for the Sweepstakes Contest. The Butler crew was named the Sweepstakes Champions among two-years schools. They were also branded the Overall Sweepstakes Champions with a total score higher than that of the four-year Sweepstakes Champion.

“Since we hadn’t competed before, we sure didn’t know what to expect,” Mullinix said. “Ultimately, we found that the best preparation for NACTA happens every day in the classes that we teach.  Our students were more than ready to compete.”

Now Butler ag students are planning and preparing to defend this national title next year as the competition moves to Lubbock, Texas.


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