Senator Jerry Moran tours Butler’s Advanced Technology Center


While on a visit to the local area, U.S. Senator Jerry Moran stopped by Butler to take a tour of the Andover campus and our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), which houses some of our leading edge tech programs like composites engineering and interactive 3D technologies. 


Butler President Jackie Vietti welcomed Sen. Moran to the college, telling him the history of our Andover campus before connecting him with Pedro Leite, Butler dean of career and technical education and the ATC. 


Sen. Moran was introduced to Kara McClusky, who teaches in Butler’s high-tech engineering graphics technology program, where he got to see sample parts manufactured by our 3D printers. 


The senator got to take a look at Butler’s recently developed Interactive 3D Technology program, where students are able to design graphics that can be immediately projected three-dimensionally on a screen at the front of the room. 


The next stop was the Composites Engineering Labs where small classes of students are able to get hands-on experience in the production of composites materials. 


The tour visited several of Butler’s other leading-edge computer labs, exploring the information technology and digital forensics Alienware labs. 


Learn more about Butler’s Advanced Technology Center.


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