Community claims victory before a game is ever played


The crisp fall afternoon breeze reminisced of Friday night lights and Saturday matchups as it gently mixed fond memories from yesteryear with bright visions for the future. And as the sounds of the enthusiastic crowd yielded to marching bands and cheers, community spirit gave way to community achievement and pride as the El Dorado community celebrated together this momentous groundbreaking of the BG Products Veterans Sports Complex. 

With football teams and cheer squads from elementary to college marshalling in the festivities, you sensed that this was something larger than the gold-shoveled construction trackhoe moving in for the proverbial breaking of the ground.

This was about more than a stadium. This was about more than football. This was even more than a groundbreaking. Today was a groundswell of community pride. A pride of a coming together – as citizens, as schools, as businesses – to achieve something together much more than any could have achieved alone.

Yes, you can be certain that there will be some that say it’s simply a stadium, perhaps, nothing more…while others will question its fanfare and lauding. But you won’t find many in this community, at least not today.

Because today we commemorate the visionaries, we applaud the people and we memorialize a moment when community spirit overcame the odds of an uncertain economy and resolved to win – before a game has ever even been played.


To read more about the groundbreaking see the official press release below. 

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