K-State visits Butler to talk 2+2 business education agreements for students


Butler offers many ways to enable our students’ success, particularly when it comes to transferring to a four-year university like K-State. Last week, KSU representatives visited Butler to further cement a lasting partnership and to trumpet the opportunities for Butler students to complete a bachelor’s degree. 

Learn more about Butler transfer credits on our website or by talking with an advisor.

K-State President Kirk Schulz, Butler President Jackie Vietti and Sue Maes, dean of continuing education at K-State convened with leaders from both colleges to celebrate the forging of the two purple schools to provide a program that helps students statewide earn a bachelor’s degree in general business.

“This partnership is showing flexibility on the part of traditional higher education to reach out to the people of the state,” Schulz said. “This partnership allows students to successfully complete a four-year degree through both schools, including students who may not have had access to a four-year college degree in the past.”

Through a 2 + 2 agreement, students take courses for two years at a community college and their courses transfer to a K-State bachelor’s degree completion program. Students then finish their remaining two years of coursework through K-State distance education.

“K-State is at the top of the list of universities who are open to working with and valuing community colleges,” Vietti said. “This is another catalyst for us to want to enter into as many agreements as we can, because the more options our students have, the more likely they will be able to complete their degree. We know there is a direct correlation between degree attainment and lifetime earning power.”

The general business degree is the first 2 + 2 agreement signed by all of Kansas’ 19 community colleges. The business 2 + 2 agreement has also been accredited by the Association to Advance College Schools of Business (AACSB) making the 2 + 2 agreement a top-tier business program for students across the state.

“These agreements extend our relationship not only to students in the community, but also with businesses there as well,” said Stacy Kovar, interim associate dean for academic programs at K-State’s College of Business Administration. “As a business college in a land-grant school, we have a mission of engaging and reaching out even further to the business community. This partnership gives us some really good opportunities to fulfill that mission.”

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