Meet the Deans, Part III: Anita Mills

This is the last of three blog entries, introducing three new deans to the Butler community this semester. Today we catch up with Anita Mills, who was a nursing faculty member and fills the role Trish Hutchinson leaves behind in retirement. Anita will be responsible for a dynamic and ever-growing department that produces some of most widely respected nurses in the region, meeting the rapidly increading workforce demand for more professional heathcare providers.  

To see our profile on Dean for Enrollment Management, Jessica Ohman, click here. And for our profile on Jay Moorman, Dean of Fine Arts and Communications, see here. 

1. What are your name and title? 
 Anita Mills, Division Dean; Nursing, Allied Health, Early Childhood Education
2. What will your job at Butler be? 
 Division Dean of the above departments.
3. What were you doing before this position?
Lead faculty of 4th semester and curriculum chairperson for the nursing department.
4. What is your background? Where did you go to school?
I graduated from Butler Community College in 1991 with my associates degree, graduated from Southwester College with my BSN and Wichita State University with my Masters in Nursing Administration. I have worked for Via Christi Regional Medical Center as a intensive care nurse and nursing administrator. I have also worked for SBA as a house supervisor and interim med/surg/ICU nursing director.
5. Why did you choose Butler? 
Butler provided the opportunity for me to earn my associates degree as a graduate of the nursing program that prepared me exceptionally well to successfully pass the NCLEX (National Licensure Exam for the RN). Butler is committed to providing students with the opportunity to gain educational skills and competencies that are necessary for successful transition to either the work force or additional educational endeavors. Butler really does have a family atmosphere, I can’t imagine working any other place! I absolutely love it here! For the last nine years I have often said I don’t think I have a job, because when you get to come to work every single day loving what you do then there is no way that is a job!
6. Why should others choose Butler?
For the quality educational experience that they will receive from dedicated and committed faculty and staff.
7. What do you most look forward to in the coming months?
Just learning more about my new role as division dean and becoming more comfortable with this role.
8. Who do you admire?
From Butler I admire Dr. Vietti for her superb leadership qualities and infinite graciousness she shows in all situations. Butler is very blessed to have a president like Dr. Vietti. I admire anyone that serves in our military forces. The personal sacrifices that they are making each and every day is humbling when you think what it is that they are doing to serve our country.
9. What is your ideal vacation?
In a very nice resort somewhere in the Caribbean with my family.
10. If you weren’t in the profession you are now, what job would you like to be doing instead? 
I would like to own my own boutique for women.


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