Meet the Deans, Part I: Jay Moorman

This is the first of three blog entries, introducing three new deans to the Butler community this semester. This time, we put Dr. Jay Moorman in the spotlight. Jay will be the head of a dynamic department that includes all of our fine arts programs (from dance to music and theater to art) as well as the college’s communications department that houses two student publications and a radio and television studio. Dr. Moorman replaces former Dean Larry Patton. 

To see our second profile on Dean for Enrollment Management, Jessica Ohman, click here. To see part three of the Meet the Deans series about Anita Mills, Dean of Nursing, click here


1. What are your name and title?

 Jay Moorman, Dean of Fine Arts and Communication.

2. What will your job at Butler be?

To lead the division and support the activities of fine arts and communication.

3. What were you doing before this position?

Head of a large communication program at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin.

4. What is your background? Where did you go to school?

Electronics manufacturing, sales, and management. AA degree from Spoon River in Illinois, BA, and MA in Sociology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.  A PhD in Speech Communication from SIUC as well.

5. Why did you choose Butler?

For the opportunity to have an impact on a growing program at a dynamic college.

6. Why should others choose Butler? 

For students because of the professionalism that exists amongst the staff and faculty. For those wishing to work here, for the collegiality that exists.

7. What do you most look forward to in the coming months?

The impending changes and the concerts, shows, exhibits, students interacting, etc.

8. Who do you admire?

Abraham Lincoln, Buddha, Chester Burnett and a host of others.

9. What is your ideal vacation?

Lake sailing with a strong wind.

10. If you weren’t in the profession you are now, what job would you like to be doing instead?

Working at any kind of startup company.


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