Meet the Deans, Part II: Jessica Ohman

It’s a new semester and there are lots of new faces on campus. Though many of those faces belong to our students, we’re also welcoming three new deans to Butler this semester. 

This is the second of three blog entries, introducing these deans to the community. This time, we meet Jessica Ohman, who fills in for exiting Dean for Enrollment Management Glenn Lygrisse who retired this summer. You can find Jessica working closely with students and staff in the Hubbard Center in El Dorado.

For our profile on Jay Moorman, Dean of Fine Arts and Communications, see here.  To see part three of the Meet the Deans series about Anita Mills, Dean of Nursing, click here


1. What are your name and title?
Jessica Ohman – Dean, Enrollment Management

2. What will your job at Butler be?
Oversee all functions of: Academic Advising, Accounts Receivable, Admission, Financial Aid, Career Services and Registration. As a division our goal is to help students reach their academic and career goals starting with admission to the college through graduation or transfer.

3. What were you doing before this position?
Student services at a local technical college, I provided oversight for tutoring, testing, career services, disability services and the library.

4. What is your background? Where did you go to school?
I attended Cowley Community College for a year immediately after high school. Then, I attended Pittsburg State University for my undergrad and Master of Science in Counseling. I earned my Ph.D. from Colorado State University in Education and Human Resources with a specialization in Community College Leadership.

5. Why did you choose Butler? 
I chose Butler because I believe in the mission of a comprehensive community college. I feel strongly that Butler is a great place for students to meet their educational goals. During my interview at Butler, employees repeatedly mentioned how they are a Butler Family. In my first few weeks here I already feel part the Butler Family.

6. Why should others choose Butler? 
The faculty and staff at Butler genuinely care about the success of their students.

7. What do you most look forward to in the coming months?
Getting to know my staff, building relationships with them. I want to help them do their jobs effectively to provide quality services to students and other College stakeholders. I also look forward to meeting faculty and staff across the College, to look for opportunities where Enrollment Management can collaborate.

8. Who do you admire?
My mom. As a single parent, she sacrificed for me, taught me the value of a strong work ethic.

9. What is your ideal vacation?
Just about any place I can spend time relaxing with family and friends, preferably at the beach or in the mountains.

10. If you weren’t in the profession you are now, what job would you like to be doing instead?
I can’t think of another place I would rather be!!



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