Howell Family art donation continues long relationship with Butler

Butler has educated generations of the Howell family. Beginning with matriarch Wilma and continuing through the years as children and grandchildren attended Butler classes, the educational relationship has been a lasting one.

Beyond the books, however, the Howell family developed an even deeper relationship with Butler. Wilma taught evening classes before eventually joining the college’s leadership as a member of the Board of Trustees from 1999 to 2007. Her sons Kris and Korey both taught classes here as well. Even more, their family has been dedicated to the success of the college and future generations of students who attend. 

With the latest artistic addition to Butler’s Hubbard Welcome Center, it’s Korey Howell’s relationship with Butler and his life as a whole that is being celebrated. Kenneth and Wilma Howell commissioned Ark City artist Mark Flickinger to produce a painting of Beartooth Lake in Wyoming to commemorate the life of their son — who spent many hours admiring the scenery depicted in the painting while on annual motorcycle trips with his brother. 

“What we want people to remember about Korey is that he always did his best; he always wanted to do something better than he had done it the previous time,” Wilma Howell said. “He also knew that for him to achieve any level of success in life, he needed a college education, and was always glad that he started his education at Butler.” 

Dedicated on Sept. 13, the painting resides on the second floor of the Welcome Center, on the west wall of the Howell Family Outlook, just outside of the President’s offices.


One thought on “Howell Family art donation continues long relationship with Butler

  1. john jenkinson says:

    Wilma has been a rock for this college, and a great supporter of arts and culture in El Dorado at large. When she attended my Creative Writing class, not only was she a first-class stylist, but she exerted a powerful influence on the younger students, both inspiring them and informing them with a gentle, even hand. God bless her for this fine donation — and best wishes for the rest of the family. Wilma’s truly one-of-a-kind, even though she has spread her values and her talents widely throughout our region.

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