Butler’s Fire Science Program


Despite coming from a small town and graduating in a class of 23, Seth is passionate about Butler’s small class sizes. He knows he can get the personal attention and training he needs – but he’s also taking this chance to forge his own future by learning to stand out from the crowd and pursuing a career in fire science. Talk about the ultimate classroom experience. Sure, books and lectures can teach you the fundamentals, but with Butler’s intensive in-house residency training program, your first test will actually make you sweat.

“At Butler, it seems to me that everyone stands out.” – Seth

Butler’s Fire Science Program

At Butler, you’ll get hands-on training from local area firefighters, fire chiefs, rescue technicians and training officers who live your dream career everyday. Our residency training program puts you in the heat of the moment, working alongside trained professionals as you work toward fire science certifications like Firefighter, Apparatus Driver Operator, Fire Inspector and Fire Officer. Butler also offers Candidate Physical Aptitude Testing (CPAT), which unlocks the door to getting a career in firehouses across the nation. 

Learn more about Butler’s Fire Science Program.



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