Industry partner wins award for work with Butler’s Advanced Technology Center

As a member of Butler’s Composites Advisory Board, Kathy Smith, HR Manager at Kaman Composites in Wichita, works closely with our students and administrators to ensure the best possible education and experience for our high-tech program.

On August 1, Smith was recognized in Overland Park by the Kansas Council for Workforce Education (KCWE) with the Leadership Award — Outside the Field for her services to Butler. The award marks an individual’s contributions to the field of career and technical education by someone not employed by a technical school or community college. 

“Kathy has proven to be an invaluable asset to our Advisory Board by becoming a champion for our program and our students,” said Pedro Leite, Dean of Career and Technical Education. “She has provided important input relative to changes and trends in the economy and local workforce needs.” 

Smith said that working with Butler’s composites students just makes sense as she’s developing relationships with students and potential future employees. She gives Butler students tours of her facility, comes to composites classes and discusses resume and interview skills with students and has helped the program by donating materials and parts to be used in the classroom. 

“I believe in Butler’s program,” Smith said. 

She’s even developed an incentive program for her employees, offering them pay increases for each level of composites education completed at Butler. 


Learn more about Butler composites here.



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