You CAN power your dreams at Butler. Enroll Today.

We understand it’s not always easy balancing life and college. In fact, it’s hard work. But, the unprecedented power of Butler, emerging from a captivating cultural of inspiration, provides a refreshing oasis of opportunity. Where dreams are powerful – and so are you. Where learning is something we do together. And classes become more than subjects. This is the power of a high quality – and highly accessible – education.

And, by the way, the power of Butler comes at an affordable price: $85 per credit hour. Which, if you’re counting, is HALF THE COST or more of most four-year universities.

ENROLL NOW for Fall 2011.

Check out our Enrollment Checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need. You can start searching for the classes you want right here.

For more information, call 316-322-3255 (or 733-3255 from Wichita Metro). 

You really can do anything. That’s pure learning power. Start now. Give your future the power of Butler…it will thank you for it.

About the spot:
Featuring — as always — real-life Butler students, this inspiring motion-graphic spot combines the whimsical, happy lyrics of the song, “I Can,” by the Minnutes with the reality and dreams of our students.
Even more powerful, this spot was once again produced through the cinematic magic of Butler alum Justin McClure,

Need more power? Listen to our super-powered radio spot, too!


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