You are a Graduate!

You did it. You are a college graduate. Take a moment to reflect on the amazing, stupendous, epic, exhilarating, enduring sentiment of that achievement.

You. Are. A. Graduate.

Sure. Many of you will transfer to a four-year and press on toward your bachelor’s and beyond. Others will now join the regional economy and begin to make your mark in the workforce. No matter your plans from this day forward, long remember your selfless dedication to persevere to completion.

Commencement day is a celebration. But it is also a testament. For you have been commencing since you made the decision to apply and through every difficulty along the way.  And this one day of celebration should never outshine nor place in the shadows your daily victories, milestones and dedication that steadfastly brought you to this end – which is truly a beginning.

There is no question to your resolve. You overcame obstacles both externally and from within. At times you wandered, but you never quit. You were weary, but remained strong. Sometimes discouraged, but always devoted.

Today, you have more than a piece of paper. You have a degree. More importantly, you have your testimony; the evidence of who you are, what you have achieved and where you will go.

Today, you are more than a graduate. You are a completer, achiever and overcomer. You are an example to follow, a testimony of excellence and a tribute to success. You are powerful.

Congratulations! You are a Grizzly. 


See even more photos of Saturday’s celebration on Flickr.


3 thoughts on “You are a Graduate!

  1. Miketo Kirk says:

    I just wanted to say how much I truly love this picture!! This is me and I am so excited about this day! Some days I thought it would never come!

  2. Katie East says:

    Dude! That’s me awesome! 🙂

  3. Katie East says:

    Dude! That’s me awesome! 🙂 It’s a tradition now that every time I graduate I put a peace sign on my hat. I did it in high school 🙂

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