Butler signs agreement to make transferring to Bethel College simple

Bethel College is poised to sign its fourth articulation agreement – the third this academic year – with a two-year college.

On May 11, Bethel President Perry D. White and Vice President for Academic Affairs Brad Born will travel to El Dorado to sign the agreement with Butler Community College President Jackie Vietti at 10 a.m in the President’s Conference Room. 

The agreement will help facilitate transfer for BCC students who want to continue their education and obtain a four-year degree. 

Bethel signed similar agreements with Hutchinson Community College and Cloud County Community College in September and November respectively. Bethel had previously formalized one with its sister institution Hesston College (like Bethel, affiliated with Mennonite Church USA). 

The “General Education Transfer Agreement” sets out what courses from BCC will transfer for credit as “competencies” (12 hours in writing, oral communication and math) and “distribution requirements” (nine hours each, for a total of 27, in arts and humanities, science and mathematics, and social sciences) in Bethel’s General Education program.

As Bethel students, BCC transfers will still need to complete course requirements in cross-cultural learning and in peace, justice and conflict studies; language requirements if earning the Bachelor of Arts degree; and the senior capstone course, Basic Issues of Faith and Life, in order to graduate.

“This articulation agreement with Butler Community College represents another important partnership with a neighboring Kansas institution to educate students,” Born said. “Bethel has always welcomed community college students to continue their education here, and this formal agreement represents our commitment to providing BCC students the information they need to make a smooth transition from community college graduate to Bethel College graduate.”





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