Finals Week Survival Kit

As you all might have noticed, it’s about that time of the year when you get stressed, anxious, and ready for the summer to just get here already. We’re not that far away from… FINALS WEEK! One of the most dreaded weeks of the year in my opinion. Not only have I been stressing about my finals, but also all the big papers and projects due conveniently a couple class periods before the finals. Some teachers just like to pile it on, ya know? So here are a few tips I found to help ease the pain these last few weeks of the semester bring.

1. Get some sleep! – It’s a little known fact that brains don’t like working without some decent sleep. So it’s important to get plenty of sleep and not stay up late cramming and working on those papers and big projects at the last minute.

2. Eat healthy – I know sometimes when I get stressed I tend to go for desserts like cookies and ice cream, but healthy snacks like fruits and veggies are the best way to go because they’ll energize you.

3. Exercise – You might not think you’ll have time to exercise much during these next few weeks, but exercise helps you focus and gives you additional energy. Plus you can always take a textbook to do some studying while you bike or walk on a treadmill!

4. Take breaks! – It’s super important that you take time to relax and have some fun, so take some mental breaks every now and then!

5. Prioritize don’t procrastinate – Okay so my guilty pleasure is definitely Facebook, but I know I’ll have to give it up in a few days in order to keep on track with everything I have coming up these next few weeks. Get organized and get your important tasks accomplished (such as those big projects and papers!), the sooner you get those done, the better!

Hopefully those tips will help you out, and good luck to everyone as we enter the dreaded end of the semester!

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