Open House Overview

Ag Department Hosted Open House, Greg Lee,Tyson, as Speaker

We hope you enjoyed the Butler Ag’s Open House last night! It was a great time of education, fellowship and friends.

Folks had the privilege of listening to Tyson’s former chief, Greg Lee. The ag students were treated to a more personal information/question session before the evening’s events got underway. Mr. Lee spoke his time in the meat industry, the changes he saw and events he experienced. He also answered questions from the crowed and was available all evening to chat one-on-one.

Classrooms were set up to showcase various aspects of the ag program and industry. Areas of focus were ag communications/journalism, by-products, grain/equipment identification and livestock judging. Students were present to conduct classrooms, answer questions, give tours and simply chat with the visitors.

The Ag Dept. would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of those who made the event possible. A special “Thanks’ goes out to American Ag Credit, who was a major sponsor for the evening. We hope everyone in attendance had as much fun as the Ag Dept did!

For more pictures from the evening’s events, feel free to visit Butler’s Flickr page HERE.

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  1. 1 of the best post i have ever read. Looking forward more from u!!!!

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