Make life easier? You got it! Butler launches new online transcript ordering service

Butler’s making it that much simpler to ensure power can follow you anywhere! With the availability of online Transcript Ordering to students and alumni, you can order official Butler transcripts via the web at any time, 24/7.

You can order as many transcripts as you need in one online session using any major credit card. Transcript Ordering can be accessed from a link on Butler’s website at or

Registration is free and you’ll pay only for the transcripts you order. Students and alumni who submit transcript requests receive real-time order updates by email and can track their orders online on the Transcript Ordering website. What makes this so much easier? 

·         Convenient 24/7 access

·         Secure transactions

·         Automatic order updates via email

·         Online order tracking

·         Ability to order multiple transcripts for multiple recipients in one order

Butler’s Transcript Ordering service is provided through the National Student Clearinghouse, a non-profit organization serving the higher education community. Ready to try it out? Click here!


6 thoughts on “Make life easier? You got it! Butler launches new online transcript ordering service

  1. Megan Combs says:

    I requested my transcript to be sent to Colorado State University in April and according to CSU they have not received anything from BCC. My maiden name was Megan Jo Barth and i took class from Butler when I was in high school at Circle. Please advise what needs to be done. My credit card has been charged so I’m not sure what the hold-up is. ThanksMegan

  2. The Butler Post says:

    We’ll forward your issue to our Registrar Connie Craft ASAP! Sorry for the delay, Megan!

  3. Laura Fowler says:

    The school I want to send a transcript to is not listed. Is there another way to order and pay for a transcript online?

  4. lauren padgett says:

    why would they change to this online service. i liked the old one better. my school is not on the list therefore i have to go through much more of a process than i did last time.

  5. Calvin E says:

    Hello, I wonder if is this the only way to have transcripts sent? To pay for them? I have never heard, nor experienced having to pay for a copy of MY transcript records. What ever these fees pay for, whether it is to be printed on high quality paper, postage, or even expedited mailing, is not necessary for my purposes. A simple fax or email will suffice; none of which require extra cost, save the 2 minutes it takes for someone to fax or email. Thanks in advance for some direction towards a proper solution to this matter!

  6. Savannah says:

    Why would a Kansas school not be on the list. Pittsburg State University. Very frustrating.

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