Wordfeud Fanatic!

I discovered the game Wordfeud on my phone a couple weeks ago, and it has become an  addiction! If you don’t know what Wordfeud is, basically it is just scrabble for your phone, and you can play any of your other friends who have the game on their phone. Now when I’m not playing Wordfeud, there are a few other games I love to play, such as Angry Birds. Here’s a list of some of the other games I have on my phone.

1. Angry Birds – Like I mentioned above it is one of my other favorites. I’m not too good at it, but it is still a really fun game!

2. Abduction! – Who doesn’t like trying to abduct cows?

3. Solitaire – This game is definitely a classic.

4. Fruit Ninja – Okay so slicing fruit might not seem like fun, but this game gets super intense!

So there’s my list of favorite games to play on my phone! What games do you like to play to pass time by?


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One thought on “Wordfeud Fanatic!

  1. hannahmccabe says:

    Personally, Ill second your love for Angry Birds.

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