The Fear of the “Freshman 15”

One of the things I feared before I started college was the “Freshman 15”. Like most students, you may not have been able to further your sports career by playing in college, so unlike in high school you have no reason to exercise anymore. Not to mention you probably don’t live at home anymore, you make your own grocery lists, not your parents, so I’m sure there’s more junk food in your dorm room than any other food type. So here are some helpful tips to stay active and healthy in college in order to fend off that “Freshman 15”.

  • Join an intramural sport. Butler offers many different intramural sports throughout the year such as dodgeball, softball, and sand volleyball.
  • Keep your dorm room stocked with healthy snacks for when you get the midnight munches or need energy while trying to study. Some healthy snack choices you should put on your next grocery list are: animal crackers, canned fruit, granola bars, nuts, and trail mix. 
  • Enroll in a physical education class. Most degrees require a P.E. credit, so why not sign up for a fun one at Butler such as rock climbing, that helps you stay active.
  • Try to limit yourself on how many times you eat out a week. I know there are fast food restaurants lined up on Central Street not that far away from the college, but try not to eat at one every day. If it is more convenient to eat there, try to choose some of their healthier foods, like the McDonald’s side salad or fruit parfait.
  • Get hooked up with a local health center, like the YMCA here in El Dorado. Coming up on June 11 is the 3rd annual Storm the Dam Trail, where I’m going to attempt my first 5k. You should join me!

What are some ways that you’ve tried to stay active and healthy in college?


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