Bite the bullet.

Shots of caffeine compensate only so much; because no substitutions can be made for hearty, hardcore sleep. Blind mice guessing can never replace the presence of genuine, informed knowledge. Knock-off Airwalks® bought from Payless Shoe Stores degrade the swaggerlicious aura of indubitable Chuck Taylor’s Converse®. Opportunities to cheapen and short-cut life plaster themselves all over. It’s like giving the socially acceptable form of “the bird” to quality and legitimate, then settling for “almost” and halfway.

Nothing worthwhile in life comes at the wave of a hand, or the slap of a few bills. Though, this little pep talk may just be a half-hearted catalyst to move myself into a mindset that changes the way I live; I don’t deny the importance of such thoughts. Who really opts to take the choppy, rocky road that promises struggles, but concludes with lessons learned that genuinely makes the world a better place? Could the reason for all the corruption infiltrating everyone’s minds be blamed on humans lazily gazing at challenges and deciding to short cut somehow? Troubles don’t face us for sick pleasure, but maybe biting the bullet and pushing into new light would alter the course of the world.

But the purpose of contemplation is defeated when action fails to follow suit. So here are some changes for me: maybe instead of heading to work begrudgingly focused on just “getting it over with,” I could act on the purpose for which I was hired: to build relationships with whom I am attempting to sell clothes to. Possibly I might cut out staying up til one watching rerun cop shows, and head to bed to better the psychological condition of my brain- therefore increasing my attentiveness the following day. Everyone must remember: discomfort always accompanies change. My only hope is that this causes thoughts to churn or pushes one to action.

What changes could enable you to live more effectively, to make you a better person or heaven forbid, and change the world?


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