Top 5 Spring Break Activies on a Budget

It is finally almost here. The most anticipated week of the entire school year. We have all been patiently waiting since August for this.

Spring Break.

No two other words hold such promise, such excitement.

But wait- what about if you haven’t even made plans yet? Or if you are on a super tight budget? Well, fear not! Because we can help you out with fun and budget friendly Spring Break ideas!

1) Experience the great out doors! Round up your friends, sleeping bags, tent and spend a night under the stars. Camping is a great way to do something ‘out of the norm’ with your friends or family, doesn’t cost very much, and is even better when the weather is nice.

2) Make it action packed– with All Star Sports Adventures in Wichita. Here you can ride go carts, go on amusement rides and dominate at the arcade games.

3) Give back! Nothing satisfies quite like knowing that you gave your time to help those who need it. (And a bonus- it always looks good on resumes!) It is so easy to get involved; on March 19, Butler will be hosting a food packaging event through Numana. Click HERE for more details.

4) Make some money! With all the schools being out for the week, several parents will need someone to watch their kids. Talk to couples at your church, and your parent’s work, or who you are friends with and let them know you are interested. Also, get a jump on summer jobs and start looking for and filling out applications. It will be one less thing you have to do come April and May.

5) Travel across the U.S.! Or.. at least the state. Take a road trip to the bigger city (like Kansas City, for example) and partake in great shopping and eating. Take a lot of photos and create a scrapbook that will be fun to look back on.

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