There’s no week, like Show week!!

Okay so this past week there was an AMAZING Concert here at Butler! With the show sold out all three nights and phenomenal ensembles this has been thus far, the best performance I’ve ever experience in my life. Now usually you would think that show week is the week where everything goes crazy and it’s stressful and come show time everything magically comes together. . . Well trust me, it’s all that too! But it’s also a week where people come closer to each other than they have before!

After a week of non-stop rehearsals, on Wednesday of dress rehearsal during break the Headliner guys treated all of their Headliner sisters to a spaghetti dinner! It was an awesome time for everyone to take a break and eat a relaxing dinner! That’s me and my “Mom” doing our happy faces!

After the first show, which went pretty well for the first night in my opinion, we decided to invite everyone to Mickey D’s for some good laughs and food!

Even our Music director Smack, joined in on the fun!

 That’s her ordering food in the window! Haha

Anyone recognize the talk, handsome, dark chocolate man in this photo???? That’s my best friend Robert! He was recently in the new Spangles commercial! After the show we all got together and perform a song we’ve been practicing!

I believe the best part of show week was not preparing for the show, but it was all the bonds that I’ve made and the journey’s and stories we’ll be able to tell about 10 years from now. Although our show was an epic success, what made this week of hard work worth while is the time I got to spend with everyone and the moments I’ll cherish for a lifetime. =) I love Show week! I can’t wait for the next one!

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