Volunteer to Save the Starving with Numana

Numana, Inc. is a nonprofit hunger relief organization that originated here, in El Dorado, KS. Their mission is to empower people to save the starving. They hold events throughout Kansas and other parts of the United States, where anyone can come volunteer and help package food. They started out by sending packages to Haiti after the earthquake hit over a year ago, but now they also send packages of food to those who are in desperate need all over the world.

The event that my family and I participated in was held at the First Babtist Church in downtown El Dorado.  This is a picture of my sister-in-law, brother, and me all in our Numana gear, an apron and hair net. Stylin’ huh!?

This is the table where our group worked. It’s like an assembly line, a few of us dumped the ingredients consisting of soy, rice, freeze-dried beans, and vitamins and minerals into bags, which are then measured, sealed, boxed, and prepared for shipment.

Here’s a look at what the packaged meals look like after they are bagged and sealed.

All together, we packaged 20,000 meals that will be sent to Liberia!

If you want to find out more information about Numana and ways that you can help save the starving, visit their website – http://numanainc.com/

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