Stop and Listen to the Music

On a chilly January morning, a man stood in a Washington D.C. Metro Station and played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes on his violin.

During that time, about 2,000 people passed him on their way to work, most too caught up in the hustle and bustle to pay any attention to him. Yet he continued to play.

Only six people stopped to enjoy his music. About 20 tossed some change into his case. He collected $32 that morning.

No one was aware that the man playing the violin in the Metro Station was Mr. Joshua Bell, one of the most widely-acclaimed musicians in the world. He has performed one of the most intricate pieces of music ever composed, on a violin worth $3.5 million. Just two evenings before, he performed a sold-out concert in Boston, where the seats averaged $100, in which he played the same Bach pieces.

How many times does that happen to us? So often we get caught up in simply completing our ‘to-do’ lists that we forget to stop and appreciate the world around us. We can say that we never let that happen to us, but according to this social experiment conducted by the Washington Post, it happens more often than we think.

As students, life can get so crazy between class, homework, tests, papers, lab reports, jobs, friends, social calendars, family, etc… While it is important to focus on our priorities, it is equally  crucial to take a few moments to relax and enjoy ourselves and everything happening around us.

If we don’t, we will miss out on some beautiful things.

How are you going to start appreciating the world around you?

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