Learning is a “hands-on” experience

My brother is a movie star!

Well, at least in KSU’s Legacy Bull Sale promo video he is. (his 15 minutes of fame start at 1:00 minute in the video)

I love the quote that Dr. Dan Moser has when referring to learning agriculture. While there are classroom items to be taught, one can not fully grasp and understand the ‘ins and outs’ without participating first hand.

I am so fortunate to have been raised on my family’s farm, learning a wide spectrum of skills from a young age. I’m not saying that my classroom hours here at Butler have been a waste- because they most certainly haven’t! The time invested in the ag building has given me and even deeper understanding of this passion for ag which was instilled in me at such a young age because of those hands on experiences.

*Extra tid-bit- Butler Alum Crystal Young produced the video, no doubt using knowledge she acquired at Butler as a foundation for her job today.

While this video is referring to K-State classes, staff and students, the same things can be said about Butler. And agriculture isn’t the only department where students receive hands-on experience. What is your favorite Butler class, club or activity?

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