Love is in the Hubbard Center

There are many different views on Valentine’s day. Some people, especially women, can’t wait for this day to come to see if they get flowers, chocolates, or some type of pretty, flahy jewerly from their significant other. And then there’s other people, who hate Valentine’s day and consider it ‘Single Awareness Day’. But Monday in the Hubbard Center, Valentine’s was definitely a celebrated occasion. There were flowers, chocolates, desserts, and even cutely decorated robots. Here’s a look at exactly what went on in the Hubbard Center on Valentine’s day.

For starters, we had a couple of competitions. For the student workers, it was to create a Valentine’s box to display. Not that I’m biased or anything, but the Admission’s Valentine’s boxes totally rocked! This is a picture of our masterpieces.

And here is Jennie, Skler, and Chris, other Admission Ambassadors, with our awesome robots.

There was also a dessert contest, where the prettiest, tastiest dessert wins. Let me tell you, there were PLENTY of tasty desserts to choose from! I think half of the staff in the Hubbard Center went into a sugar coma after the party. The top picture is of some cute mini cakes in the shape of Valentine Sweethearts that Shala, who works in Registrar, made. The bottom picture is of some strawberry cupcakes my mom and I made. We were all in a cake decorating class together here at Butler, taught by Jenna Vice.

Jennie and Chris getting ready to pig out on the cupcakes.

A table full of delicious desserts! Yum 🙂

And last but not least, to finish my ‘love’ly post, here’s a congratulations to Tera Locke, an Admissions Ambassador and Butler Headliner, who got engaged just this past Friday!

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