Denny’s Next Poster Child

Catch the Grammy’s? Even if you didn’t, I’m sure you have heard all the hype about Lady Gaga’s latest fashion statement. But if you haven’t…

She hatched.

Not even kidding.

This pop star was carried down the red carpet… ‘incubating’ in an egg.

It all led up to her performance where she ‘hatched’.

My favorite tweet about it was Retweeted by Crystal Young:

“Lady Gaga went to the VMA’s dressed as meat, now she went to the Grammy’s in an egg. Two more red carpets and she could be a Denny’s Grand Slam”

While Gaga has always said that her outrageous outfits are not meant to make any statements concerning animal rights, I do love how she is raising food awareness in her own bizarre way.

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One thought on “Denny’s Next Poster Child

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