Valentine’s Day Rescue Guide

At only three days away, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And you decided to not get hasty, knowing for the past two weeks that the perfect gift for your sweetie would hit you ‘tomorrow’.

But 14 ‘tomorrows’ have come and gone, and you still have nothing.

We understand what you are going through, and luckily for you, we are here to help!

Here are some great ideas for that special someone that are quick, simple, personal, and perfect for a college student’s budget!

eGift Cards

These are such a brilliant idea. Especially in today’s techy world. The cards are sent directly to the lucky recipient’s e-mail- Talk about convenience!

  • Music lover? An iTunes gift card will be music to their ears- er, inbox.
  • Barnes & Noble– Perfect for those who love to read or own a Nook.
  • Send them on a shopping spree to their favorite store!


Getting crafty and creating your own memento on this holiday of love is not only inexpensive, but also sends a more personal message that is unique and only that person will have.

  • Cards. I’m convinced that Valentine’s Day cards are the most overpriced colored pieces of paper on the market today. And finding the perfect message inside? Impossible! They are either too mushy or too generic.

Print out your favorite picture and add a border with a personal message. Or go to They have ready made templates so you can just drag and drop your image. These cards will score more points with your sweetheart and will be more memorable than what Hallmark has to say.

  • Burn your own CD. Have a list of special songs? Compile them all into one spot. A great gift that you both can enjoy that will never go out of style!
  • Tell your other half how you feel in a poem. It is sure to be a hit and the time and effort put forth will be much appreciated.


  • Desserts! Who doesn’t love to eat? Nothing screams love like chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting topped with sprinkles, in my opinion.

 A night on the town

If you have a little extra cash, splurge on a special evening for just you two.

  • Concert. Sing and dance the night away while jamming out to your favorite band. Just go to Select A Seat  and search for upcoming events in your area.

Deliver something

Be classic and have flowers and/or chocolates delivered from a local flower shop. They are guaranteed to love it. You can never go wrong with this idea.


There’s no reason to be down about not having a significant other. Instead, use the money that would have been spent on them to treat yourself to a spa session, a new CD, or a pair of shoes.

What are your favorite gift ideas (for either your sweetie or yourself) this Valentine’s Day?


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