I Love Beef! month

February is I LOVE BEEF month. How amazing is it that there is a whole month dedicated to loving Beef? Not just a day, but a whole entire month. Naturally it would be during the same time as Valentine’s day.

Something this amazing ranks right up there with having TWO snow days, in a row.

In honor of this great month, we will be cooking more beef meals at our house. It won’t be too difficult to cook more, since we hardly cook at all. So really, the only direction we can go is up! Here’s a picture of our tasty beef tacos we had Tuesday evening (aka on the night of our first snow day- just for those of you who wanted to know). Delicious, and perfect for a broke college girl’s piggy bank.

 Class up your Facebook profile picture and show your support for beef by adding the logo  here. Here is what my profile picture looks like!

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