Ag Ambassadors on Ice!

Who: 25 crazy students who have a passion for agriculture + 2 sponsors

What: Trying really, really hard to stay on both feet while ice skating. And we celebrated a birthday.

Where: Ice rink in Wichita!

When: Last Tuesday

Why: Because we are bomb and like to have fun.

Everyone’s bright and shining faces 🙂 We celebrated my roommate, Sarah’s birthday while we were there, too. (You may recognize the cake from yesterday’s post) The best pictures of the night, however, are below. Thank goodness someone was ready with their camera for these fancy moves!This graceful little swan is Analena. Here she is mid-fall. And here she is flat on the ice. She looked so good doing this. And we love her.

Check out the rest of the pictures from the evening! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Livestock judging team is en route to Ft. Worth, TX for another judging contest. Things got off to a bit of a rocky start! See for yourself at the Ag Ambassadors blog!

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