5 Beautiful habits that I hope I never out-grow…

–> I always laugh at the piteous people that smack their “funny bone”; it’s painful, but oh so delightful to point and giggle in at.

–> One may never guess how many different ways I can artistically write my name, especially when I’m suffering through the mundane monotony of class lectures. Some people let the head hit their arm and zonk out, I just doodle the heck out of the white space on my classes’ handouts.

–>Creamy Braum’s ice cream topped with crushed Ritz crackers from my cupboard exemplifies, the perfect way celebrate the conclusion of a day!

–> What is life without challenges? I lick my chomps at the chance to test my endurance and run for while. It teaches discipline, tolerance to hardships, and whips the heart into shape. For those that can, I strongly endorse a hearty jog down the boulevard!

–> I believe in cleverly matching my graphitized, well-loved Chuck Taylors with simply everything I rock. Five pairs later, I still cannot get enough of vintage hotness.

Now tell me, what your five most colorful habits??


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