Have Your Pie & Eat It Too.

Pie. My mouth waters for the flaky crusts.

Ice cream. I dream of it with peanut butter and something crunchy.

Blue tootsie pops. Can we say fireworks booming in my taste buds?

Maybe even some golden pretzels dipped into creamy white chocolate.

(Excuse me while I mop up my drool.)
Wow, I love junk food. Sometimes I think, “Self, what’s with the massive inhalation of foodage?” Oh, it’s rhetorical. And no I don’t answer myself, but although I live an active lifestyle, I still find myself longing for that sugary delight.
Want the secret to diet-free healthy living? Trade-offs are the key. Want an after-dinner indulgence? Go for a hearty salad instead of the hamburger; you’ll get more vegetables (which are always important) and save carbs from the bread in the hamburger bun. Don’t have time to hit the gym for a cardio-endurance run? Then make light on the heavy, deep fat-fried food that’ll weigh you down. Priorities shape lifestyles; and busyness is a great excuse for not working out. But if you feel up to the call of duty to begin a healthy, active life- you’ll have lots more room to gratify those ambrosial cookies just screaming your name.


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