Me an’ the Biology Beast

Whoa. I’m done. It’s done. My eggshell may be cracked, my bubble of pride may be decimated, and the trophy of bragging of my 4.0 has been sledged to bits: but Biology is OVER. I cannot express in words sufficient to relay the peace and relief I enjoy now.

The whole deal reminds me of an intense, mind-bending movie; where I, must at all costs defeat the Biology beast. I begin the duel, pockets stuffed with gumption and courage. But test after test, I tasted defeat. Some wise folks say, “Everything is about perspective, life is what you make it.” More than I’d like to admit, I lay apathetic and beat down in my own pity party. The brilliant thing about it is: an end always exists. While the going might get brambly, “A job worth doing, is a job worth doing well,” in the astute words of my father. In the hairy, ridged times, I could either throw in the white towel or put head down and run straight into that proverbial wall of bricks. I thank Ms. Kerschner for pushing my limits, allowing me to mature as a person. Undoubtedly there will be courses tougher than my biology class but next time, maybe, just maybe, I will get an A. Because hard work ALWAYS pays off.


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