Judgment of the Court – 8 Ideas for Thanksgiving

2 things to do

1. Go home! I know you’ll be home again soon for Winter Break…but your parents miss you! And it would make the holiday so much better for both you and them if you can all spend it together.
2. Become an adopted child for a weekend. If you can’t make it home to see your own family, borrow a friend’s family.  Be sure your friend gives their family plenty of heads notice before though. Showing up while they’re carving the turkey might not make the best impression.

4 things to bring

I know we’re all poor college students with no ovens, but that’s no reason to show up to a dinner empty handed! If you’re spending the holiday with a friend’s family, bringing a side dish would really be the polite thing to do. Here are 4 easy things you can bring for a Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Cheese and crackers- These would be especially good if you’re showing up a few hours before the meal so people can have something to snack on while the food is being prepared.
2. Veggie tray – Same reason as the cheese and crackers, just healthier and less filling. Veggie trays are also good during the meal, so this one works either way!
3. Pie – Whether you have time to bake one yourself or if you have to run to the store and buy one premade, there can never be too much dessert at a party 🙂
4. Pop – Buy one 2-Liter of something you like so you for-sure won’t be going thirsty, and then buy another of something you think other people at the party will like.

2 things to remember

1. I know we learned the history of Thanksgiving way back in elementary school, but I’ll be the first to admit that I would probably fail an exam over the true history of this holiday. Maybe this year would be a good time to brush up on the facts of how this delicious holiday got started.
2. Be thankful. Find something that you’re thankful for having in your life. Then let’s go a step further and let it be known what we’re thankful for. And if it’s a person that you’re thankful for, let them know!

And a bonus thing to do – Tell us your family traditions for Thanksgiving! Do you go to a certain place? See family that you don’t usually get to see? Make special foods? Share with us!


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