Grizzly Football Brings Fans Together!

I do music, she kicks it in soccer, he does damage in football, they serve food in the cafeteria; judging or categorizing fellow students by what we all “do” is the natural tendency. I mean, I should pitch a tent in the practice rooms in the Fine Arts building, I’m there enough. And the track people might consider bringing a snuggie and nuzzling into the cozy Astro Turf as much time they spend in the Champions Training Center. We all go to the same, relatively small campus, and yet we experience completely different worlds. So, here in lies the beauty of football. Friday football nights are legendary in my town, so now college; I’m proud to be a regular Grizzly fanatic.

There’s something magical about the stadium, the electricity coursing through the fans. And the added excitement as the Butler football team now guns for their seventh national championship! Most every student has their “baby,” that “thing” they do, but when we all gather for a Rah-Rah time of cheerleading from the stands– all the individual “things” we do don’t matter. That’s why I love football; it brings people together for one awesome showdown of Butler power, no matter their identity.
What excites you about the Grizzlies going to their seventh National Championship?


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