MAZE at Butler

For several weeks now, eerie and intriguing posters tacked up all across campus caught everyone’s attention. As one of the leadership members of the Campus Crusade for Christ team, I knew from the get-go about the plan to bring MAZE, the illusionist, to Butler. Following the show last night sophomore Ulises Monarrez wrote on his Facebook, “What to say about MAZE? Three words….. Life Changing Epicness!!! Crazy how two hrs makes you wonder about how you are living your life!!! PRETTY LEGIT!!!” Garrett Fitzmeir stated, “People listen up. I’m not joking. The things that happened last night were real and unbelievable, but all you gotta [sic] do is believe (talking about MAZE)!” The illusionist, whose real name is Jim Monroe, performed several mind-stumping tricks: swallowing a piece of sewing thread and pulling it out of a pore on his belly area and also levitating a metal pipe. Monroe rested from the magic long enough to share the story of his almost-fatal battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The emotion of his story captivated everyone as he challenged the audience to think about what they believed. From my standpoint, MAZE was a huge hit and commanded the attention of every audience member. Did you share in the amazing confusion and magic of MAZE? If so, tell me what you thought of it!


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