Judgment of the Court – 5 things to do when Facebook is down

Anyone who lives on the Butler campus or spends most of their days here knows how hard it is to get by without Facebook after these last few days. I was gone all weekend so I didn’t have to deal with it as long as some, but I’ll tell you what, those couple of days without being able to waste a few hours in the World of Facebook really showed me how much of an addict I am. I found myself with LOTS of extra time on my hands. So after about the 15th time of trying to log-in, I decided to find something else to do.

1.) Do homework – this is actually what I did Monday and Tuesday. It really needed done and I finally had no excuse not to do it.

2.) Go out and actually see your Facebook friends – Or call them on the telephone. Texting is the same as instant chat, so don’t cheat! I’m sure there is a way to get a conversation through without :), lol, jk, rofl, !!!!, …., :(, “like”, ❤ and ALL CAPS

3.) Read a book – While doing this, you can have one hand on the computer mouse clicking the “Refresh” button every minute to see if Facebook is back up and running.

4.) Clean – I’m sure this needs done in 99.9% of the dorms on campus! Especially the guys’ dorms… I don’t know how guys manage to make that much of a stink, but I guess if enough dirty clothes, empty to-go boxes, and Axe are put into a room, many new odors can be created.

5.) Go outside – Farmville doesn’t count as experiencing nature!

How would you spend your time if Facebook went down? What would happen if it was gone forever??? The horror!

One thought on “Judgment of the Court – 5 things to do when Facebook is down

  1. Jon says:

    See? It was funny!

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