No Place Like Home

Filing through the mental memories of the past few weeks, home starts to feel as tantalizing as catching a whiff of baking brownies. Not often do I find myself wistfully thinking of my family back home; but lately they are the common theme. My mom puts the “double-o” in ridiculously good food. Wanna know the secret? A fervent passion and love for those who wait to devour her concoctions. My dad, he takes the medal as the “see it, fix it” man of the house, and I’m dead certain his hugs count as some medicinal value. With completely off-the-wall comments, and always spreading laughter around like electricity; Kiersten, my little sister rocks.

Lately, life and I duel in games of dodge ball. After surviving the demands of show week, I got served a nasty cold. Then with word from The Today Show, temporary cases of extreme ADD infected all faculty and students as we prepared for the results of the Show Choir Showdown contest. Now I’m beginning another week, yet to see the likes of home since starting the semester. I find myself longing for the warmth of the lit fireplace; a home-baked and buttered roll made my momma; and the living room TV playing Andy Griffith re-runs. Mundane it may sound, but there’s nothing quite like home. Even though I know I would get there, and soon itch for more college endeavors, I also know for certain that no matter where I explore and the adventures I travel, there is nothing in God’s green Earth that compares to the honor to get to go home. What emotions arise for you when the word “home” is mentioned?

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