It’s called showbiz, people.

I’m going to whisper to you three words without totally freaking out from excitement: IT’S SHOW WEEK! I mean, Christmas is good but hook me up with no sleep and everlasting rehearsals piled on top of classes and work: you’ve got igniting performances and enchanted audiences. No, folks, show choir (singing and dancing at the same time :)) isn’t for the faint of heart or the easily deterred.
My choir members and I give up jillions of hours to clean choreography, sing the same set countless times and enjoy each others’ company for days. We’re constantly tired but sleep seems to be the last of our priorities. I always find myself staring into the mirror as I smear on layer after layer of show makeup and spraying pump after pump of hair spray. All of our preparations point towards one thing: the Butler vocal concerts.
I would prefer to call it the showcase of passions for music. I get up on that stage and an immense responsibility coupled with a vibrant desire to give the audience my best drives my movement. The audiences are here for one night only, and I have to remind them why they came. Call it sappy or bizarre but that’s what makes show week so exciting. So now in the midst of, you guessed it, SHOW WEEK, life is more sparkly than ever and it would mean a lot to all Butler vocal performers if you came and supported our valiant efforts to extend to you the closest thing to Broadway El Dorado has ever seen. I promise, if you’ve got anything close to a soul- you’ll be ignited by the fiery passions that allow us to give Tony-worthy performances time after time. 🙂

One thought on “It’s called showbiz, people.

  1. kathy felix says:

    wonderful job butler, enjoyed the show….your performance was one that you all should be proud of….you all enjoyed peforming as much as we enjoyed watching and listening to the great singing…it was one of the best i have been to…thank you to all your vocal teachers as well, for they believed in you and you all had to believe you could do it and you did, god bless butler

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