Judgment of the Court – How to have a smooth graduation process

There aren’t many steps to the graduation process, but each one is important. I’ll give you a brief outline of each step so everyone can know what to plan for when they’re going through the graduation process, like I am now!

Step 1.) Make an appointment with an advisor to do your Degree Check. I was lucky and had enough time to wait around, but if you have a busy schedule, call and make an appointment with an advisor so you can get in and out easily. The Degree Check only took about ten minutes for me, but waiting to see an advisor took over an hour!

Step 2.) On the Degree Check, the advisor is going to be checking three things: if you have above a 2.0 GPA, if you have enough credit hours to graduate and if you meet all the class requirements for your chosen degree and major. If you’re planning on graduating in December, you need to really make sure you’re going to pass enough hours to meet your requirements. There’s still time in the semester to get any bad grade up to passing level!

Step 3.) Fill out a Graduation Application. The form is very short and simple and can be filled out in a matter of minutes. You will need to have the top part filled out by an advisor, however. So be sure to give yourself enough time to meet with an advisor before the application is due (November 20th for those graduating in December). You can download the application here.

Step 4.) If a person has attended college anywhere before Butler, they need to make sure all records have transferred. Those need to be checked on soon since some records may take a while to transfer.

Step 5.) If you’re going to need proof of your associate degree or certificate before January, (whether for looking for a job or transferring to another school) be sure to let the registrar’s office know around finals week so they’ll have a week to get that to you. If you wait, you’ll be getting your diploma in January.

For more information you can go here for the registrar’s phone numbers and e-mail address.

As the advisor said to me today, “Congratulations! You are now ready to graduate.”

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