“National Nap Day”….. once a week.

I am sure of it. Sacks of potatoes, tied to ropes are permanently hooked onto my eyelids. While I lie sleeping, someone poured wet cement into my brain. It valiantly strives to keep a goin’, but the drying cement is slowing it down to the point where some sad day, my thinker will develop rigamortis and freeze forever. Also I’m dead sure of the fact that someone karate-chopped my self-determination at the jugular. So here I am; half-way through the fall semester as the constant perpetuation of life finally catches up and sucker-punches me in the face.
But I have the cure to the disease! How about a government-acknowledged “National Nap Day”….once a week? I strongly believe in the power of a thirty-minute midday nap. Scientific studies show that power-napping reduces stress, increases productivity and boosts creativity. With all the benefits, I’m sure that even Obama would appreciate such a lull in screaming demands.
It’s so hard to prioritize my life, to cut things loose that trip up my swagger. And when I don’t force myself to go to bed until one in the a.m. with an 8 o’clock class staring me in the face, everything tends to look bigger, darker and meaner. So maybe the answer to a having “a better life” isn’t all about circumstances, but how I look at it; and how I perceive life strongly rests on how many ZZZ’s I rack up. I know many folks don’t have time for a catnap to reset their emotions, so how about it? “National Nap Day”…once a week sound good? Yes, yes, I thought you’d agree.


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