Judgment of the Court – Using Butler’s GPS to guide you down the Right Path

How far away am I from having enough hours to graduate? What is my GPA? What classes are involved for my selected degree?

There is a way to find all these answers, right from your home sofa. It’s call the Graduation Progress System (GPS).

To get to your GPS, simply log on to your Pipeline account then look on the left side of the page. The GPS link is under “Quick Clicks” in big purple and gold letters. You can’t miss it. Once there, your degree and major should be right in the middle of the page. (These are put in by the advisors, so if those are blank, you will need to meet with an advisor to get them added.)

A few helpful things I found were the “Worksheet” and “GPA Calculator” tabs.

The Worksheet shows all the general education and major-oriented classes that are required to graduate with your chosen associates’ degree. The classes you have completed with a 2.00 or higher GPA are checked with a green mark. It then tells you how many more credits you need, and then in what class categories you need them in. It also shows grades from past classes and whether or not a class that you are taking will go toward your major. I really liked using the GPS when deciding what major I wanted. I know I hate math, so the degrees that involve a lot of math or science, weren’t for me.

The GPA calculator may be kind of pointless since you should always try to get the best grades in classes possible, but for people like me who are obsessed with their GPA, this is a great tool for letting you know where you’re at. There are loads of other tools that let you know what grades you will have to get in the remainder of your classes to get the GPA you want or need and that let you put in what you think your grade in each class will be that you’re currently taking so you can know what your GPA will be at the end of the semester.

Do you know all the class categories that are required for your major? Will you utilize this free tool when finding classes to enroll in for next semester? Or have you found another way to utilize the GPS?


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